Lee "scratch" perry x bob riddim - destiny - vinyl lp

Lee “Scratch” Perry's posthumous masterpiece Destiny (LP), crafted alongside Bob Riddim, is a transcendent journey through reggae's legacy and future. With Evie Pukupoo's soulful echoes, Kabaka Pyramid's revolutionary lyricism, and Xana Romeo's neo-roots infusion, the album marries iconic traditions with reggae’s modern sound and voices. Highlights also include a collaborative showcase of the next-generation reggae wave with Blvk H3ro, Leno Banton, and Wayne J on "Ring Pon My Finger", and a nod to dub royalty with Addis Pablo's melodica on "Infinity” (Dub). Scheduled for a September 8th global launch via Delicious Vinyl Island, Destiny stands as a testament to Perry's indelible influence on the Jamaican and global music soundscape.

Side A
1. I Am
2. Destiny (feat. Evie Pukupoo)
3. Black (feat. Kabaka Pyramid)
4. Space Echo

Side B
1. Police And Thieves (feat. Xana Romeo)
2. Ring Pon My Finger (feat. Wayne J, Blvk H3ro, Leno Banton)
3. Infinity (feat. Yaadcore)
4. Infinity Dub (feat. Addis Pablo)
5. Destiny Dub