Masters of reality - deluxe edition (2xlp)

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Masters Of Reality - Deluxe Edition (2xLP)
(also available on 2xCD)

Record 1 - Masters Of Reality
Side A
1. The Candy Song
2. Doraldina's Prophecies
3. John Brown
4. Gettin' High
5. Magical Spell (full length version)

Side B
6. Theme For The Scientist Of The Invisible
7. Domino
8. The Blue Garden
9. The Eyes Of Texas
10. Lookin' To Get Rite
11. Kill The King
12. Sleep Walkin'

Record 2 - How High The Moon: Live At The Viper Room
Side C
1. How High The Moon
2. The Blue Garden
3. Alder Smoke Blues
4. Doraldina's Prophecies
5. She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On)

Side D
6. Jindalee Jindalie (feat. Scott Weiland)
7. John Brown
8. Tilt-A-Whirl / Swingeroo Joe
9. Ants In The Kitchen / Goin' Down
10. 100 Years (Of Tears On The Wind)