Orio Circus Drops Victoria

Los Angeles, CA - Hip-hop's newest club-conquering dynamic duo, Orio Crio Circus, are set to have their dedut single "Victoria" releaser by legendary label Delicious Vinyl. Comprised of legendary Detroit MC Frank Nitt (Frank N Dank) andSoCal surfer-turned-rapper Grim-Ace, Orio Circus embodies the new style of ebony and ivory working to gether in body-moving harmony.

Produced by up-and-comer Lazy Boy, "Victoria" is a sly nod to the famous lingerie one-stop that need not be fully named, with Frank rapping: "Hey ladies, just though you should know that/ O.C. keep it tight like a bra strap!" With its bait-and-switch guitar lick, horny horn line, and hip-shaking hi-hats, the song's pop appeal is as instant as its urgent refrain to "Show me your Victoria...!"

Frank Nitt, who grew up in Detroit watching black and white Tigers like Alan Trammell and Lou Whittaker working together on the baseball diamond, understands the potency of racial harmony: "Grim-Ace is a six foot tall white guy, the quintessential surfer-skater, and I'm the 5'5" inner city black guy, I talk my slang and my pants hang low. We're opposites, but we go well together, y'know, like that famous cookie!"

"I'd run into Grim Ace in L.A.," explains Frank, "and he asked me to come by and hear some of what he was working on. I liked what he was doing, so we started working on some songs together — rugged hip-hop joints. Then Lazy Boy sent us an uptempo track that inspired us to take Orio Circus to the next level, and we turned it into 'Victoria'."

Combining Frank's hip-hop roots with the pop appeal of artists like Far East Movement, Orio Circus is the sound of here and now, fit for a society where racial harmony is an ever more important and potent notion. As Frank Nitt succinctly puts it: "Everyone likes to party, and our music doesn't discriminate."

Delicious Vinyl has long embraced the potency of diverse talents making music together. Founded by pale-faced producers Matt Dike and Michael "Mike Floss" Ross, the label brought the world legendary artists like Tone-Loc, Young MC, Brand New Heavies, and The Pharcyde. Having released Frank Nitt's glittering solo collection Jewels In My Backpack earlier in 2010, Delicious Vinyl is now proud to present Orio Circus. And with "Victoria", Orio Circus invites all people to step right up!