The life of J Dilla (Jay Dee, James Yancey) was tragically short, but his legacy will live forever. Arguably, J Dilla’s work is even more important now than it was in the late 90s, when he was creating beats and producing tracks for a variety of chart-topping artists like The Pharcyde, Brand New Heavies, Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson, and A Tribe Called Quest.

In addition to purchasing career retrospectives and posthumous album releases, fans can now show their love for J Dilla by sporting tees, caps and other official J Dilla merchandise. Delicious Vinyl is one of several record companies to create special commemorative shirts honoring J Dilla’s memory. The Delicious Vinyl shirt celebrates the three years they spent working together, creating tracks for The Pharcyde and Brand New Heavies.

The J Dilla commemorative shirt boasts a “Dee-lightful” twist on Delicious Vinyl’s iconic logo by spelling his name “Jay Dee-licious.” The shirt is printed on black cotton with white and red ink, and is available in five sizes. Delicious Vinyl shirt sales recently skyrocketed when actress Kristen Stewart and Lamar Odom of the LA Lakers were spotted wearing them.

Even years after his death, J Dilla’s family still struggles to pay the remaining medical bills from his illness. Delicious Vinyl and other labels associated with J Dilla’s career have pitched in by donating money raised from J Dilla releases to his suriving family. In addition to Delicious Vinyl’s commemorative tee, proceeds from Jay Deelicious: The Delicious Vinyl Years album were also donated to J Dilla’s surviving family and the foundation named in his honor.