Masta ace incorporated - sittin' on chrome - 3xcd deluxe edition

By the time Sittin On Chrome was released in 95, Masta Ace already had an impressive resume in rap that included membership in the legendary Juice Crew, he had his first solo effort under his belt (1990s Take A Look Around) and had formed Masta Ace Incorporated with their debut release, Slaughtahouse, receiving wide critical acclaim and brisk sales.

The Masta Ace Incorporated line up found on Sittin On Chrome featured Leschea, Paula Perry, hype-man Lord Digga who also handled production duties as half of the Bluez Brothas and of course Ace himself (or Ase has he was often called in the INC days). The release went on to be the most commercially successful outing in Masta Aces career hitting number 19 on Billboards Top R&B/Rap Album chart, spawning three hot singles and spending months and months in the Billboard Top 200.

Now Sittin On Chrome gets the deluxe treatment with this triple CD reissue. The first disc features the entire album as originally released, along with a second disc of remixes and b-sides, and a third disc of instrumentals including rare dub style instrumental versions. The fat booklet included in the set is filled with rarely seen photos and graphics, and the entire set is housed in a special box with magnetic clasp that closes with a snap, and holds everything safely in the deluxe box. This high water mark in Masta Aces career has never been presented with so many extras and so much value to the fans.

Disc 1 - Sittin' On Chrome
01. Intro 3:54
02. The I.N.C. Ride 4:10
03. Eastbound 4:30
04. What's Going On! 4:51
05. The B-Side 4:07
06. Sittin' On Chrome 4:06
07. People In My Hood 4:21
08. Turn It Up 4:22
09. U Can't Find Me 4:12
10. Ain't No Game 4:36
11. Freestyle ? 3:28
12. Terror 4:35
13. Da Answer 4:56
14. 4 Da Mind (Feat. Cella Dwellas) 4:45 15. Born To Roll 4:14
16. The Phat Kat Ride 4:06

Disc 2 - Remixes & B-Sides
1. Sittin' On Chrome (Pitkin Ave Mix) 4:25
2. Sittin' On Chrome (Rockaway Ave Mix) 4:42
3. Sittin' On Chrome (Rockaway Ave Mix Instrumental) 4:47
4. Ya' Hardcore (Trip 2 Albee Sq.) 4:26
5. Sittin' On Chrome (Mr. Flash Sittin' On Cr02 RMX) 4:00
6. The B-Side (Hi-Hatcapella) 07. The INC Ride(No Ends Mix) 08. Turn It Up (Remix)

Disc 3 - Instrumentals
1. Born To Roll (Instrumental)
2. Sittin' On Chrome (Instrumental)
3. The B-Side (Dub Version)
4. Da Mind (Instrumental)
5. The I.N.C. Ride (Dub Version)
6. The Phat Kat Ride (Dub Version)
7. Sittin' On Chrome (Rockaway Ave Mix / Instrumental) 4:47
8. Sittin' On Chrome (Mr. Flash Sittin' On Cr02 RMX TV Instrumental) 4:01