Frank n dank - 48 hours - produced by j dilla - 2xcd

Frank N Dank - 48 Hours
Produced By J Dilla

Disc 1

1. (intro)
2. Get Cha Bitch
3. Marijuana
4. Rite Bites
5. Street Life
6. Pimp Strut
7. Where The Parties At?
8. Y'all Don't Want It
9. Sex On The Beach
10. All Season
11. Alright
12. Afterparty
13. Ma Dukes (feat. Tammy Lucas)
14. Keep It Coming (feat. J Dilla)

Disc 2 - Instrumentals
1. Get Cha Bitch (instrumental)
2. Marijuana (instrumental)
3. Street Life (instrumental)
4. Pimp Strut pt. 1 (instrumental)
5. Pimp Strut pt. 2 (instrumental)
6. Where The Parties At? (instrumental)
7. Y'all Don't Want It (instrumental)
8. Y'all Don't Want It - remix (instrumental)
9. Sex On The Beach (instrumental)
10. All Season (instrumental)
11. Alright (instrumental)
12. Ma Dukes (instrumental)
13. Keep It Coming (instrumental)

Some records are steeped in mythology. Frank N Dank’s 48 Hours is just such a recording. Why so few samples from Dilla? Where’s the “original version”? There are nearly more questions about this album than cuts on the album. But according to Frank Nitt, “contrary to popular belief there was never an ‘original version’ of 48 Hours. We started recording songs to sample driven beats of Dilla‘s and we got 80% of the album done and Dilla decided to change the beats to all the songs.” That’s right, it was Dilla’s creative vision that stripped out the samples. Dilla’s production on this record was certainly a departure, with keyboard beats and live instrumentation (including a contribution by ?uestlove) predominating over samples yet the output is solid Dilla start to finish. As Frank reminds us, “This is the exact version of 48 Hours that we (Frank N Dank & Dilla) turned in to MCA and the way Dilla intended it to be!”