Dom kennedy - the yellow album (2 x vinyl lp)

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Dom Kennedy - The Yellow Album (vinyl LP)

Side 1
1. So Elastic (produced by THC)
2. Been Thuggin' (produced by Fly Union)
3. We Ball feat. Kendrick Lamar (produced by Chase N Chase)


Side 2
4. My Type Of Party (produced by DJ Dahi)
5. Girls On Stage (produced by THC)
6. Don't Call Me feat. Too $hort (produced by THC)
7. 5.0 / Conversations (produced by THC / Polyester)

Side 3
8. Gold Alpinas feat. Rick Ross (produced by Drewbyrd)
9. PG Click feat. Niko G4 (produced by J. LBS)
10. Lately (produced Troy Noka)

Side 4
11. Hangin' feat. Freddie Gibbs (produced by Polyester)
12. 1.25 (produced by Drewbyrd)
13. P+H (produced by DJ Dahi)